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Plaster Accessories

Galvanized Stucco Mesh 

Available with 2" x 2" square openings. Stucco Mesh is 16 gauge welded wire mesh ribbed to provide for proper keying. 

 2" x 2" mesh each roll 48" wide x 112.5’ long 450 square feet per roll. 

Galvanized 1"X1" Mesh 

A flat 16 gauge welded wire mesh.

 1" x 1" mesh each roll 48” wide x 100’ long, 400 square feet per roll. 

Safety Edge Cornerite

Cornerite is used to reinforce inside corners, preventing cracking. Both edges are completely smooth to assure safe handling and eliminate any interference when troweling.

Sizing: 8’ galvanized 

Square Nose Plaster Stop (with or without weep holes)  

Plaster stop provides a professional finish between the plaster and the adjoining material, i.e. Concrete acoustical tile, etc. Square Nose Plaster Stop is designed to work with metal lath. Key holes located on the 1 ¼” back nailing flange provide solid plaster bonding. If specified, weep holes spaced at 4” o/c allow for vapor evaporation or water drainage. 

10’ galvanized, ¾”, ½”, 5/8” available

Wide Flange Stucco Stop 

Wide Flange Stucco Stop is manufactured with a 2” nailing flange to assure a tight fit. If specified; weep holes spaced at 4” o/c allow for vapor evaporation or water drainage.

Sizing: 10’ galvanized, ¾”, 5/8”, ½” available

No. 90 Solid Wing Expansion Joint

No. 90 Solid Wing Expansion Joint is a plastering accessory that is designed to permit a plaster membrane to expand and contract freely without inducing excessive stress in plaster and stucco walls and ceilings.

Sizing: 10’ galvanized, ½”, ¾” available

No. 15 Expansion Joint 

No. 15 Expansion Joint has diamond mesh flanges for solid keying in plaster and stucco. Designed to relieve stresses and strains in plaster and stucco walls and ceilings.

Sizing: 10’ galvanized, ½”, ¾” available 

D-ZNCJ 7/16 x 10' Drywall or Veneer Plaster Control Joint

ClarkDietrich Zinc Control Joint is distributed in Canada by Bailey Metal Products Limited.

#093Zinc Control Joint is applied between abutting gypsum panels, and is used to relieve stresses of expansion and contraction of drywall and veneer plaster systems in large ceiling and wall expanses over 30' in length. #093 Zinc Control Joint is typically installed from door header to ceiling, from floor to ceiling in long partition runs, and from wall-to-wall in large ceiling areas. Zinc Control Joints are manufactured from high-quality pure zinc and can be used for interior or exterior applications. The 1/4" by 7/16" opening is protected by plastic tape, which is removed after joint compound or plaster has been applied and the finish is completed.

Note: Where fire and/or sound control are required, an approved sealant must be installed behind the control joint. Consult construction documents for details of construction for the control joint assembly.

Material: 0.013 Zinc.

 ASTM & Code Standards:

ASTM C1047
Zinc meets or exceeds requirements of ASTM B69


Expanded Wing Cornerbead

Expanded Wing Cornerbead is designed for outside corners. It provides straight corners and is flexible enough to use over irregular surfaces. The diamond mesh sides provide for plaster 'keys' close to the nose; right where extra reinforcement is needed.



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