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Shaftwall Systems

Shaftwall systems are nonload-bearing fire rated wall assemblies that provide critical, life safety, fire-resistant protection for elevator shafts, stairwells, vertical chases and mechanical enclosures. Shaftwalls in elevators and stairwells are one of the most important wall assemblies in a building. They provide the only means of evacuation from the building in an emergency. Vertical chases and mechanical enclosures keep vital communication, power, water, fresh air and exhaust systems intact when a fire occurs.

Shaftwall System
consists of 1" shaft liner panels supported by 2-1/2", 4" or 6" CT-Studs and faced on one side with two layers of 1/2" fire code board.

Stairwell Systems are designed to enclose stairwells; this system is finished on both sides with a single layer of 1/2" fire code board.

CT Stud Profile

CT Cavity Shaftwall Studs are rigid high-performance members engineered to maintain shaftwall integrity. CT Studs are designed for use with 1" thick gypsum shaft liner panels. CT Studs are friction-fitted between top and bottom J-Tabbed Track.
Gypsum shaft liner panels are inserted into the stud flanges. The flanges provide an airtight friction fit along the length of the panel. Studs are automatically spaced 24" o.c. maximum. The system is finished with fire rated gypsum board to complete and achieve the designated fire rating.

J-Tabbed Track Profile

J-Tabbed Track is used at the floor and ceiling in shaftwall assemblies. CT studs and gypsum shaft liner panels are friction fit between the top and bottom J-Tabbed Track. J-Tabbed Tracks have unequal legs. The longer leg (available in 2-1/4" and 3") is installed against the shaft. The leg provides a backstop for easy installation of the liner panel. Three-inch leg track is typically used as a jamb strut around closure details, including duct and door openings, abutments and intersections.

J-Tabbed Track



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