Bailey's Metal Products Ltd.
Platinum Plus
The Strength Within



Bailey is pleased to introduce PLATINUM™ PLUS interior drywall framing system. PLATINUM™ PLUS products are stronger, hold drywall screws better, and build higher walls. Wall limiting heights and other product qualities meet or exceed Canadian building code and all other applicable standards. 
The Bailey PLATINUM™ PLUS steel stud and track system provides maximum fire safety for all your building designs. Tested to both ASTM E119 and CAN/ULC-S101, the fire-test methods and fire-resistance ratings are certified in Canada by our adherence to the acceptance criteria in CAN/ULC-S101.

The building industry measures the sound control that a wall will provide with a rating system called Sound Transmission Classification or S.T.C. This is a measure of the ability for a particular wall to reduce the transmission of airborne sound. The S.T.C. rating is based on tests conducted to industry recognized ASTM standards. When we compare and rate different materials and assemblies as to how they perform in providing improved sound control, Bailey PLATINUM™ PLUS framing products contribute equal to or better than other 25 gauge framing systems, and generally better than comparable assemblies framed with 20 gauge studs.


Our system incorporates a number of unique and patented enhancements.
  • Quality Assurance system
  • Improved limiting heights and higher allowable wall heights
  • Completely interchangeable with all existing Bailey systems
  • All edges are conditioned with Contractor handling in mind
  • Bailey stiffening rib providing superior strength
  • Less screw stripping/stronger screw pullout force
  • Accommodates both ¾” and 1 ½” stiffener channels
  • Fully compliant with all applicable Canadian codes and standards for structure, sound and fire
  • Contractors have found Bailey Platinum Plus studs satisfy all of their stringent site and installation requirements